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Minnesota chiropractor pleads guilty to raping client, gets 4 years

  Minnesota chiropractor Paul D. Thompson pled guilty to raping one of the former clients. As part of a plea […]

Taiwanese cosmetic surgeon and pop star, turned in by his girlfriend for sexually assaulting his patients

Dr. Hung Hsin-yu was reported by his girlfriend for molesting and raping his patients while they were under anesthetics in […]

Off-duty EMT arrested for raping 13-year old he was babysitting; stole drugs from a local hospital to be used in the assault

Star Tribune 12/20/11Arthur Austin-Ellis  Evans, an off-duty EMT, was arrested and charged with raping a 13 year old girl that […]

High School Counselor Receives 30 Years After Raping Student

Allison Hargrave, a high school counselor and yoga instructor raped a 14-year-old girl in a Lafayette building after sending her sexually […]

Oregon anesthesiologist rapes woman, sentenced to 25 years in prison

Dr. Thomas Bray beat and raped a woman while on a date. He has since been prosecuted, convicted and sentenced […]

Michigan EMT convicted of raping 14-year old girl in the back of an ambulance; Girl receives $12.5 million in civil suit

Matt DeFillippo was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl who he was transporting in his ambulance after she attempted to […]

Georgia anesthesiologist gets life in prison for raping and videotaping patients

Investigators found hundreds of tapes in nurse anesthetist Paul Patrick Serdula’s home showing him raping, sodomizing and groping female patients […]

Washington Gynecologist convicted of raping multiple patients, providing drugs without prescriptions

Charles Momah was arrested and convicted of raping and molesting multiple female patients. Prosecutors alleged that Momah performed gynecological exams […]

Ohio gynecologist convicted of raping more than 30 women over a 25-year period

Azzam Ahmed was arrested and convicted of raping and molesting multiple patients over a 25-year period. Over 30 women came […]

New York Dentist avoids conviction in ’93, arrested and charged again in 2003

Dr. Anthony Richardson, a New York City dentist, was arrested for sexually assaulting women while they were under anesthetics during […]