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Ex-Florida Jail Psychologist’s License Restricted After Molesting Inmates

A former penitentiary psychologist got his license restricted after he sexually harassed four¬†female inmates. Dr. James A. Yelton Rossello¬†reportedly asked […]

Nashville Psychiatrist Trades Sex For Drugs

Dr. Settimio Castellani’s license was revoked after he admitted to engaging in oral sex with a patient. He apparently stated […]

Well-Known Baltimore Shrink Loses License After He Molested Female Patients

Prominent Baltimore Psychiatrist and pain specialist, Dr. Nelson Hendler, was arrested for sexually assaulting a female patient that joined his […]

Alabama Psychologist Loses His License and is Forced to Retire After Trading Meds for Sexual Favors

Allie Boyd, a Tuscaloosa psychiatrist, was forced to retire or face a loss of his license after he sexually assaulted […]