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South Carolina doctor accused of inappropriate conduct with patients

Dr. Titus Daniel Caddell from Greenville, South Carolina was accused of fondling five of his patients between 1987 and 2011. […]

Eye doctor given 5 years probation for criminal sexual conduct

In September 2007, police in Bloomfield, Michigan began in investigation into claims that an eye doctor had touched her inappropriately […]

Southern Oregon Chiropractor Accused of Sex Abuse, Sex Harrasment

Four women came forward to accuse Medford, OR chiropractor Scott B. Cooper of touching them sexually during chiropractic adjustments and […]

Arkansas OB/GYN pled guilty to voyeurism

In 2014, Dr. Paul Becton, a gynecologist from Paragould, Arkansas who ran Becton Women’s Clinic, was arrested on charges of […]

Ohio physician loses license over inappropriate exams

In March 2010, the State Medical Board of Ohio met regarding the claims of six women who came forward accusing […]

Doctor at Free Clinic Sentenced Following Sexual Assault Claims

On November 7, 2014, Dr. Jeffery Abrams was arrested on 24 counts of sexual penetration, sexual battery, and child pornography […]

California Doctor Accused of Sexual Assault, Fraud

A Los Angeles doctor by the name of Pez Abrahams was arrested March 2013 and charged with sexually assaulting a […]

Vermont Sports Medicine Doctor Charged with Inappropriate Touching

In June of 2007, a Vermont doctor was accused of inappropriately touching and assaulting a 22 year old patient. His […]