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Anesthesiologist to pay $500,000 after mocking patient during colonoscopy

Dr. Ingham and her practice were forced to pay $500,000 after mocking a Virginia man during a colonoscopy. The man, […]

Maryland Gynecologist accused of photographing and videotaping patients without their knowledge, commits suicide. $190 Million settlement reached between hospital and victims

Nikita Levy, facing charges of videotaping and photographing patients without their knowledge, committed suicide on February 18th, 2013. Over 1,300 […]

Mississippi nurse sentenced to 15 years for molesting an 11-year old boy, mother sues the institute

Clifford Hough pled guilty to molesting an 11 year-old boy at the Brentwood Behavioral Healthcare Institute in Mississippi. He was […]

Oregon Nurse alleged to have sexually assaulted multiple women, hospital faces civil lawsuit

Former Emergency Room nurse Jeffrey McAllister is accused of sexually abusing multiple women while working at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in […]

Oregon anesthesiologist arrested for molesting patient during surgery; supervising Dr. accused of withholding information

Dr. David Burleson was convicted of molesting a woman during dental surgery in 2004. He was sentenced to up to five […]

Kentucky nursing home ordered to pay $20,000 to civil monetary fund; administrator dodges criminal charges

The Hazard Nursing Home in Hazard, KY, was criminally charged with neglecting to report alleged sexual abuse of a patient […]