Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

You mentioned breaking the silence, but I just want all this behind me. What should I do?

The key to understanding the behavior of predators is that what they seek is not sex, but domination, power.  Similarly, the key to the harm suffered by the victims is the sense of helplessness and vulnerability that flows from being abused.  Those who try to forget what they have experienced find that the attempt to suppress or ignore the memory leads to a constellation of symptoms such as hyper-vigilance, anxiety, depression, and fear.  Calling out the abuser and those who have enabled the abuse creates a shift of power.  Now those responsible for the abuse are on the defensive, are at risk, and the victim is empowered by rejected victimhood, and reclaiming control over the trauma they have experienced.  Bringing those who have permitted or tolerated abuse to justice is the most powerful of therapies.

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