Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Can I break the silence and keep everything confidential?

The media will almost certainly not use your name without your consent. Consider how many times you’ve read news articles about sex abusers – those articles rarely, if ever, mention the abused person’s name. When they do, this is usually because the abused person has given their consent for the use of their name.

In criminal and civil cases, the defendant is entitled to know who is making the allegations. In criminal cases, your real name will be used before the Grand Jury and with regard to any indictment or trial.

In civil cases, initials or “Jane Doe” may be used in formal filings with the Court. Again, media will not report your name without your consent.  Over the years, we have represented dozens and dozens of women, and none of them has had their identity revealed to the public without their permission. Some women have chosen to go public because of the particular circumstances of their case. Interestingly, the women who did go public felt empowered and did not regret doing so.

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