Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Plastic Surgeon

Allentown Plastic Surgeon Settles Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Assault

Dr. John Altobelli — Individual Practice

2010 — Pennsylvania

Taiwanese cosmetic surgeon and pop star, turned in by his girlfriend for sexually assaulting his patients

Dr Hung Hsin-yu — Private Practice

December, 2012 — Taiwan

Southern California Plastic Surgeon Surrenders Medical License

Mark Anthony Knight — Anaheim Hills Surgery Center

April 28, 2010 — California

Kaiser Plastic Surgeon Serves Time After Sexually Assaulting Female Patients

Scott Takasugi — Kaiser Permenante

June 05, 2009 — California

Tracy Plastic Surgeon Gets Six Years after Sexually Assaulting 36 Women

Peter Chi — Beauty Renewed

February 04, 2009 — California

Washington Plastic Surgeon Recieves Time for Assault

Gregory Alan Johnson — Institute for Aesthetic Surgery

1997 — Washington

New York Medical Board Revokes License of Manhattan Plastic Surgeon After Rape Charges

Byron Major — Private Practice

August 24, 1988 — New York