Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist at school for developmentally disabled children arrested for sexually assaulting a student

Paul Chang — Prairie View State School

May, 2012 — Missouri

Maryland physical therapist pleads guilty to molesting an elderly patient

Jeffrey Maupin — Amedisys

2011 — Maryland

New Jersey physical therapist accused of molesting multiple patients

Jonathan Pallouras — Progressive Sports Rehabilitation

June 02, 2010 — New Jersey

North Carolina physical therapist guilty of molesting 2 elderly patients, now a registered sex offender

Mark Austin Owens — Advanced Health Care

2010 — North Carolina

Massachusetts physical therapist charged with molesting patient over a 3-month period

Richard J. Bernier — Self Employed

January 2010 — Massachusetts

Maryland therapist offers woman free physical therapy, then sexually assaults her

Arne De Los Reyes — Shrier Physical Therapy

October 01, 2009 — Maryland

Pennsylvania physical therapist convicted of molesting 2 patients under the age of 18

Dennis Lasorda — APP Physical Therapy

2006 — Pennsylcania

Colorado physical therapist convicted of molesting multiple patients

Raymond Armelino — Self employed

July, 2006 — Colorado