Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence


Doctor pleads guilty to charges involving minor

Ronald Clay Bibb Jr. — Private Practice

2005 — Kentucky

Cambridge pediatric hematologist gets time for taking indecent pictures of sick boys

Myles Bradbury — Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge

2009 — Cambridge, United Kingdom

Michigan pediatrician convicted of molesting a friends 14-year old boy

Jeffrey Dembs — My Kids Doc

2013 — Michigan

Illinois pediatrician charged with molesting the mother of one of his patients

Kishor Jain — Hedges Clinic

February, 2013 — Illinois

Massachusetts pediatrician charged with sex abuse passes away the day after charges are filed

Melvin Levine — Children's Hospital Boston

February 17, 2011 — Massachusetts

New York pediatrician charged with drugging patients, sexually assaulting them and recording the incidents

Rakesh punn — Bethpage Hospital

July, 2010 — New York

Delaware Pediatrician convicted of molesting over 100 minors, sentenced to 14 consecutive life sentences. Hospital pays over $123 million to the families

Earl Bradley — Beebe Medical Center

2009 — Delaware

Pennsylvania physical therapist convicted of molesting 2 patients under the age of 18

Dennis Lasorda — APP Physical Therapy

2006 — Pennsylcania