Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

General Practitioner

El Cajon Doctor Convicted, Medical License Revoked

Dr. Nasser Alavi — Individual Practice

2004 — California

Doctor at Free Clinic Sentenced Following Sexual Assault Claims

Jeffery Abrams — Volunteers in Medicine Clinic

January 2014 — California

New Jersey Doctor Loses License After Sex Abuse Charges

Leonard Joachim — Individual Practice

May 2015 — New Jersey

Former Illinois Doctor Will Stay in Jail on Sex Charges After Pot Bust

Mark G. Lewis — American Family Doctor

May 2015 — Illinois

Illinois Doctor Charged With Sex Assault Arrested After Trying to Flee to China

Dr. Haohua Yang — Yorkville Medical Center

December 2014 — Illinois

Former UC Berkeley Doctor Gets Probation For Sexual Misconduct

Robert Kevess — UC Berkeley

April 2015 — California

Rockford, Illinois doctor faces new sex abuse charges

Charles Dehaan — Housecall Physicians Group of Rockford

April 2015 — Illinois

Yale Doctor Accused by Seven of Sexual Harrassment at Clinic

Rex Mahnensmith — Yale University

April 2015 — Connecticut

Former WA, MS Doctor Faced With Federal Child Sex Crimes

Craig Morgenstern — NAS-Meridian, Spokane VA Medical Center

April 2015 — Washington, Mississippi, Idaho

South Jersey Neurologist Facing Sexual Assault Charges

Syed Jaffery — Premier Neurology

February, 2015 — New Jersey