Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Emergency Medical Responder

British EMT convicted of luring young boy into the woods and molesting him

Edward Trickett — Burnley Ambulance

2011 — Great Britain

New York Fire Department EMT convicted of raping several women over a 10-year period, sentenced to 89 years in prison

Angus Pascall — New York Fire Department (NYFD)

July, 2010 — New York

Michigan EMT convicted of raping 14-year old girl in the back of an ambulance; Girl receives $12.5 million in civil suit

Matt DeFillippo — Superior Ambulance

2010 — Michigan

Oregon EMT convicted of molesting 9 women in the back of an ambulance; American Medical Response pays $3.85 million in damages

Lanny Haszard — American Medical Response (AMR)

2009 — Oregon

Off-duty EMT convicted of molesting children his mother was babysitting

Brandon Nevils — Louisville Metro EMS

September, 2009 — Kentucky

British EMT accused of molesting and photographing woman, and also misleading police by handing over his wife’s cell phone when police asked for his

Iain Finney — East of England Ambulance Trust

January, 2009 — Great Britain

Michigan EMT convicted of molesting a minor in the back of an ambulance

David Spresny —

July, 2007 — Michigan

Texas EMT convicted of molesting teen in the back of an ambulance

Christopher James Russell — MedStar

2004 — Texas

New York Fire Department EMT convicted of molesting woman in the back of ambulance; city settles civil suit for $300,000

Angel Cabrera — New York Fire Department

November, 1998 — New York