Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Emergency Medical Responder

San Diego EMT pleads guilty to unlawful sex with a minor under 16

Zachary Stinchcomb — Rural/Metro of San Diego

April 2015 — California

ex-EMT accused of molesting a 13-year old

Rodney Claude Gilmore — Horry County Fire and Rescue

February, 2013 — South Carolina

New York EMT arrested and charged with assaulting women in an ambulance; company faces civil lawsuit

Donald Frye — Ambulance Service of Fulton County

January, 2013 — New York

Off-duty EMT accused of traveling across state lines to have sex with 14-year old girl he met on the internet

James Fagerburg — N/A

May, 2012 — New York

Director of Cranberry EMS pled guilty to molesting a 19-year old man at a party

Steve Tedesco — Cranberry EMS

2012 — Pennsylvania

South Carolina EMS admits to molesting woman in the back of an ambulance

Anthony Louis Green — Charleston County EMS

2012 — South Carolina

Connecticut EMT accused of rape

Mark Powell — American Medical Response

January, 2012 — Connecticut

Off-duty EMT arrested for raping 13-year old he was babysitting; stole drugs from a local hospital to be used in the assault

Arthur Austin-Ellis Williams — Bemidji Ambulance Service

November, 2011 — Minnesota

Volunteer EMT accused of inappropriately touching patient in the back of ambulance

Kristopher Kahl — Mastic Ambulance Company

November, 2011 — New York

Michigan EMT takes underage boy across state lines, molests and photographs the incident

Louis Kaloz — Rockford Ambulance

March, 2011 — Michigan