Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Indiana Podiatrist Faces Charges of Voyeurism

In December 2012, a doctor in Richmond, Indiana was arrested on charges of voyeurism after a video camera was discovered in a female employee restroom. Brian Altman was caught after an employee noticed a red flashing light which led her to discovering the hidden camera; additional investigating revealed software on the doctor’s computer, as well as footage of the camera being positioned and at least one victim. He was released after posting bail, but then failed to show up to a hearing which caused a warrant to be issued for his arrest. He was found in Texas sometime later and brought back to face the charges against him. In July 2014, Altman admitted to the charges in court and was originally sentenced to one and a half years in jail, but the sentence was suspended and he was put on probation instead. His medical license in the state of Indiana was suspended for a period of seven years starting in 2015. His license to practice medicine in Ohio was revoked following a conviction of Aggravated Disorderly Conduct as a result of stalking his ex-girlfriend.