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Anesthesiologist flees country to escape criminal charges

Posted by Megan Ferguson on: October 25th, 2016

In 2001, a female patient of Hussam Armashi, an anesthesiologist of Spring Hill, Florida, came forward claiming he had sexually abused her multiple times while she was under sedation. The accusations shocked the community, with many of his other patients saying they could not believe the accusations. The police investigation revealed other possible victims, although only one filed charges. A lawsuit was also filed, possibly by the same victim who filed criminal charges, alleging that Armashi had drugged and raped her, resulting in a pregnancy, and that he then made threats to keep her coming back to the office.

The criminal charges were dropped in the 2001 cases, with victims seeking resolutions in civil court. However, in 2005, Armashi was again arrested on similar charges. After posting bail, the doctor fled the country under the guise of caring for his mother in his home country of Syria.

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Arkansas OB/GYN pled guilty to voyeurism

Posted by Megan Ferguson on: October 5th, 2016

In 2014, Dr. Paul Becton, a gynecologist from Paragould, Arkansas who ran Becton Women’s Clinic, was arrested on charges of taking nude photos of a patient without her knowledge. The investigation revealed multiple photos of women on the doctor’s phone, although the charges were limited at first to just the images of the original victim who came forward. As more women came forward, including a minor, the charges multiplied and Becton eventually pled guilty on four counts of video voyeurism. He was sentenced to three years in prison, registered as a sex offender, and his license was revoked.

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Ohio physician loses license over inappropriate exams

Posted by Megan Ferguson on: October 5th, 2016

In March 2010, the State Medical Board of Ohio met regarding the claims of six women who came forward accusing a physician from Dublin, Ohio of performing incorrect pelvic examinations. While Dr. John Beathler Jr. did not face any criminal charges for the allegations, the Board investigated the claims in order to determine whether he should be allowed to keep his license to practice. More patients came forward against the doctor, which delayed the hearing process. Finally, in September 2011, the Board found that Beathler had sexually abused at least seven women who were his patients and voted to permanently revoke Beathler’s license. The Board also claimed to notify nearby states of the decision.

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