Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Yale Doctor Accused by Seven of Sexual Harrassment at Clinic

A Yale nephrology professor, Dr. Rex Mahnensmith, has been accused of ongoing sexual harassment while working as medical director of the New Haven Dialysis Clinic. It is the second time in less than a year that Dr Mahnensmith and the Yale School of Medicine has been involved in sexual harassment charges.

Rex Mahnensmith of Yale University

Last year, charges against Dr. Mahnhensmith did not lead to any convictions, but did lead to his resignation from Yale and removal from the clinic. But these latest federal lawsuits filed against Mahnensmith in Connecticut detail a history of sexual impropriety that extends well over a decade.

Federal court cases were filed on behalf of seven employees of the dialysis clinic, both present and past, including nurses, a social worker and a dietitian.

A complaint from 2002 says Dr. Mahnensmith pressed his erect penis on the back on one of the plaintiffs, and when she reported it to a superior, she was told that was part of the clinic culture and she should avoid Dr. Mahnensmith.



New York Times – 4/13/2015