Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Penn. Doctor Drugged Victims’ Drinks Before Sexual Assaults

Sohael Muhammed Raschid, 57, of Chambersburg, PA in Franklin County, faces more than 20 charges after police said he secretly drugged and sexually assaulted women in several different cases.

Sohael Muhammed Raschid Gynecologist

Sohael Muhammed Raschid Accused of Sexual Assault

Raschid was arrested Sunday, March 22 on charges including rape of a substantially impaired person, criminal attempt rape, sexual assault, statutory sexual assault and unauthorized administration of an intoxicant.

Police allege Raschid put intoxicants in four different victims’ drinks in unrelated incidents dating back to April 2014. The victims included a 14-year-old, 19-year-old, 28-year old and 50 year old.

Raschid practiced obstetrics and gynecology at the Phoenix Wellness and Physical Restoration Center in Chambersburg.

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