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Anesthesiologist to pay $500,000 after mocking patient during colonoscopy

Posted by Jason Kafoury on: June 29th, 2015

Dr. Ingham and her practice were forced to pay $500,000 after mocking a Virginia man during a colonoscopy. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, caught Ingham after he used his phone to record the operation. Ingham was recorded as saying she “wanted to punch [the man] in the face and man [him] up a little bit,” as well as warning a medical assistant not to touch a rash, claiming the assistant could get “some syphilis on [her] arm or something.”

After listening to the recording, the Jury awarded the patient $100,000 for defamation ($50,000 each for two comments)  as well as $200,000 for medical malpractice. An additional $200,000 was awarded in punitive damages. Ingham no longer works for Aisthesis Anesthesia in Bethesda, Maryland.



Oregon Live—AP 06/24/15

Five victims testify against Pa. doctor charged with sexual assault.

Posted by Alex G on: June 8th, 2015

Sohael Raschid, a gynecologist from Chambersburg, PA, appeared at a preliminary hearing on May 29 as four alleged victims testified against him. Raschid is charged with numerous counts, including sexual assault, rape of an impaired person, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a person younger than 16, indecent assault and furnishing liquor to a minor. His bond is $2 million.

Sohael Muhammed Raschid Gynecologist

Sohael Muhammed Raschid Accused of Sexual Assault

One of the victims who testified, a 14-year-old girl, stated that she blacked out at Raschid’s home and woke up to him having sex with her. She said she was 13 at the time when her mother asked Raschid to drive her to and from a school dance and have her sleep over at his house because her mother had to work.

The girl then testified that Raschid fixed her a drink that he said had a small amount of alcohol, and she became disoriented after drinking about half of it. She testified she woke up naked with Raschid having sex with her and that she could not resist him as she passed in and out of consciousness. Raschid also took pictures of her with a cellphone camera during the incident.

Other victims to testify include an adult woman who had previously dated Raschid until 2011. She testified she had been at his home in May 2014 and she lost all memory after he fixed her a non-alcoholic drink.

The rest of the testimonies were similar in nature. Another woman was in Raschid’s home in 2014 where she passed out after he served her a drink. She then awoke to find herself naked from the waist down in bed with Raschid.

The last alleged victim testified she had been assaulted after the initial charges against Raschid were filed, when she, her husband and Raschid went to a bar in West Virginia in March. She testified she blacked out at the bar and came to in the back seat of the car with Raschid fondling her while her husband drove.

Raschid is due again in court in July.


Herald-Mail Media – 5/29/2015