Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Oregon anesthesiologist arrested for molesting patient during surgery; supervising Dr. accused of withholding information

Dr. David Burleson was convicted of molesting a woman during dental surgery in 2004. He was sentenced to up to five years in prison.  The supervising dentist, Dr. Jay Malmquist, did not disclose to her what had happened until 2007. The woman has since sued for negligence, claiming Dr. Malmquist knew of Dr. Burleson’s conduct and past history of sexual abuse.

In the suit, the victim claims she was sedated and abused in 2004, but did not learn about it until three years later. The woman who brought the suit also called for a law to require medical professionals to report incidents of sexual abuse where it is currently not required.


KATU — AP 03/27/2008