Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Illinois pediatrician charged with molesting the mother of one of his patients

Kishor Jain was arrested and charged with 10 felony counts of sexual abuse and 5 misdemeanor counts of battery. He is accused of molesting the mother of one of patients while she waited with her child. Similar allegations were made against Dr. Jain 10 years prior, but he was acquitted of those charges. In early 2014 he pled not guilty on all counts, however the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation still suspended Jain’s medical license. 


In August, 2014, Dr Jain was sentenced to 18 months probation after pleading guilty to groping women during office visits. He pled guilt to two counts of unlawful restraint and was sentenced to six months in jail, but that sentence will be stricken of Jain completes his probation without incident.

Dr. Jain also faces lawsuits filed by five women who claim he fondled them while he was at the Hedges Clinic.


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