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ex-EMT accused of molesting a 13-year old

Rodney Claude Gilmore, a recently fired Horry County Fire and Rescue EMT, was arrested and charged with molesting a 13-year-old […]

Michigan chiropractor convicted of molesting 6 women, his employer sent an apology note

George Young was convicted of molesting 6 women under his care. The women all testified that Mr. Young would fondle […]

Taiwanese cosmetic surgeon and pop star, turned in by his girlfriend for sexually assaulting his patients

Dr. Hung Hsin-yu was reported by his girlfriend for molesting and raping his patients while they were under anesthetics in […]

Texas chiropractor sentenced to 23 years in prison for molesting patients

David Allen Russell was arrested and convicted of molesting several women, some under the age of 18, while preforming chiropractic […]

Director of Cranberry EMS pled guilty to molesting a 19-year old man at a party

Steve F. Tedesco Jr., the executive director of Cranberry EMS, plead guilty to 1 count of indecent assault of an […]

Colorado chiropractor arrested to molesting patient during ultrasound treatment

Jack Cody was arrested on Christmas Eve after allegedly molesting a patient two days earlier while performing an ultrasound. Cody’s Decemberr […]

Pennsylvania chiropractor pleads guilty to molesting multiple women in his office

James Lee Carl is accused of molesting 2 women under his care. The first is a 55-year-old woman, the second […]

Michigan dentist convicted of molesting minor, who came forward years after assaults took place

Dr. Wendell Alan Recette was arrested and convicted of repeatedly molesting a young boy in his office. The boy was […]

Canadian anesthesiologist convicted of molesting 29 women

Dr. George Doodnaught was arrested and convicted of molesting 29 women who were under the influence of anesthetics while undergoing […]

Oregon EMT convicted of molesting 9 women in the back of an ambulance; American Medical Response pays $3.85 million in damages

Lannie Haszard, an EMT for 16 years, pled guilty to molesting nine female patients in his ambulance over a 6-year period. […]