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Utah chiropractor charged with sexual assault on patient

Michael W. Wimmer, a chiropractor at Wimmer Chiropractic Center in Ogden, Utah, was arrested and charged with second degree forcible […]

New York nurse accused of having sexual contact with a minor over two-week period at children’s hospital

Joseph P. Carelli, a male nurse,  is accused of having sexual contact with a 16-year old female patient over a […]

Mississippi nurse sentenced to 15 years for molesting an 11-year old boy, mother sues the institute

Clifford Hough pled guilty to molesting an 11 year-old boy at the Brentwood Behavioral Healthcare Institute in Mississippi. He was […]

Off-duty EMT accused of traveling across state lines to have sex with 14-year old girl he met on the internet

James Fagerburg, an off-duty EMT, is accused of traveling 340 miles to New Jersey to molest a 14-year-old girl he […]

South Carolina EMS admits to molesting woman in the back of an ambulance

Anthony Louis Green confessed to molesting a woman in the back of an ambulance while she was strapped in a […]

British EMT convicted of luring young boy into the woods and molesting him

Edward Trickett, an off-duty EMT, was sentenced to 4 years in prison for luring a young boy he met online […]

British EMT accused of molesting and photographing woman, and also misleading police by handing over his wife’s cell phone when police asked for his

Iain Finney is charged with molesting and photographing a woman in the back of an ambulance. The woman called the […]