Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Psychologist, Therapist, Counselor

High School Counselor Receives 30 Years After Raping Student

Allison Hargrave — Ascension Episcopal School

2011 — Louisiana

Ex-Florida Jail Psychologist’s License Restricted After Molesting Inmates

James A. Yelton Rossello — The Corrections Corporation of America (Hernando County Jail)

2011 — Florida

Nashville Psychiatrist Trades Sex For Drugs

Settimio "Sam" Castellani — Private Practice

May 27, 2009 — Tennessee

Baltimore Psychologist Molests Young Male Patients

Miguel Fronterra — Sinai Hospital

2009 — Maryland

Psychiatrist Loses Medical License and Registers as Sex Offender

William Olmsted — UT Medical Center

2009 — Texas

Wisconsin Judge Neglects to Rule on Psychiatrist Sexual Assault Case

Charles D. Morgan — Affinity Behavioral Health

2008 — Wisconsin

Top California Child Psychologist Sentenced to 8 Years After Abuse of Young Boys

William Ayers — The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology

California — April 06, 2007

Well-Known Baltimore Shrink Loses License After He Molested Female Patients

Nelson Hendler — Mensana Clinic

2006 — Maryland

Alabama Psychologist Loses His License and is Forced to Retire After Trading Meds for Sexual Favors

Allie Boyd — North Harbor Pavilion and the Tuscaloosa Treatment Center

2005 — Alabama

Biblical Counselor and Psychiatrist Gets Seven Years for Abusing Teenage Boys

Gary Lee Almy — Truth In Action Academy

February 15, 2005 — Illinois