Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence


Arkansas OB/GYN pled guilty to voyeurism

Paul Becton — Becton Women's Clinic

2014 — Arkansas

Fertility Doctor Still Practicing Despite No Contest Plea to Sexual Battery

Larry Glen Andrew — East Bay Fertility Center

2006 — Utah

OB/GYN convicted of rape, sexual assault

Dr. Azzam Ahmed —

2002 — Ohio

Arkansas OB/GYN pleads guilty to video voyeurism

Paul Becton Jr. — The Becton Women's Clinic

2014 — Arkansas

Five victims testify against Pa. doctor charged with sexual assault.

Sohael Raschid —

May 2015 — Pennsylvania

Iowa Gynecologist Accused of Inappropriate Interactions

Frederick Sager — Individual Practice

February, 2015 — Iowa

Penn. Doctor Drugged Victims’ Drinks Before Sexual Assaults

Sohael Muhammed Raschid — Phoenix Wellness and Physical Restoration Center

March, 2015 — Pennsylvania

Maryland Gynecologist accused of photographing and videotaping patients without their knowledge, commits suicide. $190 Million settlement reached between hospital and victims

Nikita Levy — John Hopkins Hospital

2013 — Maryland

New York gynecologist charged with sexually assaulting 6 women, most of them pregnant

Robert Hadden — private practice

June, 2014 — New York

California gynecologist convicted of molesting one of his patients

Kevin Pezeshki — Northridge Hospital

August, 2012 — California