Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

General Practitioner

South Carolina doctor accused of inappropriate conduct with patients

Doctor pleads guilty to charges involving minor

Ronald Clay Bibb Jr. — Private Practice

2005 — Kentucky

Physician sentenced to 13 years for sexual assault of a patient

Ricardo Arze — Private Practice

2005 — Illinois

Ohio physician loses license over inappropriate exams

John Beathler Jr. — Dublin Medical Clinic

2010 — Ohio

Alma doctor sentenced to 40 years on sexual assault charges

Clarence Jay Arendall — Private Practice

March 2008 — Arkansas

Louisville neurologist convicted on multiple counts of sexual abuse

Ghias Arar — Private Practice

February 2013 — Kentucky

Fertility Doctor Still Practicing Despite No Contest Plea to Sexual Battery

Larry Glen Andrew — East Bay Fertility Center

2006 — Utah

Workers’ Comp Doctor Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

Scott Dodd Anderson — U.S. HealthWorks

2009 — California

Indiana Podiatrist Faces Charges of Voyeurism

Brian Altman — Altman Foot & Ankle Clinic

2012 — Indiana

Multiple Victims Come Forward Against Rowland Heights Doctor

Dr. Wazir Nadir Ali — Bright Medical Associates

2007 — California