Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence


Dentist convicted on multiple counts of sexual battery

Mark Anderson — Private Practice

April 2009 — California

Former “Best Dentist in Vaughan” to stand trial after assaulting former employee

Paul Schlodnick — Private Practice

2015 — Ontario, Canada

Ark. Dentist Arrested for Sexual Assault Still Seeing Patients

Jose Turcios — Healthy Smiles

March 2015 — Arkansas

Vermont Dentist convicted of medical fraud, now faces sexual assault charges

Peter Gray — Private Practice

2013 — Vermont

Washington Dentist accused of molesting employees, threatened to fire them if they told anyone

Kam Derakshani — Bellevue Advanced Dental Clinic

January, 2013 — Washington

Texas man accused of running unlicensed medical office, molesting 14-year old girl

Sergio Jefferson — Self Employed

October, 2012 — Texas

California dentist arrested for molesting patient

Sang Hyuk Park — Private Practice

October 2012 — California

Connecticut dentist office manager charged with sexually assaulting a fellow employee

Rafael Arias — West Avenue Dental Clinic

2012 — Connecticut

Michigan dentist convicted of molesting minor, who came forward years after assaults took place

Wendell Alan Racette — Private Practice

January, 2011 — Michigan

California dentist convicted of molesting patient

Mark Anderson — Private Practice

2008 — California