Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence


Southern Oregon Chiropractor Accused of Sex Abuse, Sex Harrasment

Scott B. Cooper — Cooper Chiropractic Care

2017/2018 — Oregon

Bay Area Acupuncturist Accused of Sexual Assault

Randall Neustaedter — Cure Guide

July 2015 — California

Minnesota chiropractor pleads guilty to raping client, gets 4 years

Paul D. Thompson — Self Employed

October, 2014 — Minnesota

Utah chiropractor charged with sexual assault on patient

Michael W. Wimmer — Wimmer Chiropractic Center

October, 2014 — Utah

Michigan chiropractor convicted of molesting 6 women, his employer sent an apology note

George Young — HealthQuest

2013 — Michigan

New Jersey chiropractor pleads guilty to molesting one of his patients

Peter Plumb — Self Employed

December, 2012 — New Jersey

California chiropractor arrested for molesting multiple patients

Jeffrey Marrs — Self Employed

November, 2012 — California

California chiropractor convicted of molesting patient

Dennis Scott Durbin — Sky Park Chiropractic

September, 2012 — California

Texas chiropractor sentenced to 23 years in prison for molesting patients

David Allan Russell — Self Employed

May, 2012 — Texas

Colorado chiropractor arrested to molesting patient during ultrasound treatment

Jack Cody — Self Employed

February, 2012 — Colorado