Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence


Rhode Island doctor accused of inappropriate touching

Russel Aubin — Kent Hospital

2004 — Rhode Island

Anesthesiologist flees country to escape criminal charges

Hussam Armashi — Active Pain Control Center

2001 — Florida

Anesthesiologist to pay $500,000 after mocking patient during colonoscopy

Terry Ingham — Aisthesis Anesthesia

April 2013 — Virginia

Oregon anesthesiologist arrested for molesting patient during surgery; supervising Dr. accused of withholding information

David Burleson — Dr. Jay Malmquist - Private Practice

January, 2013 — Oregon

Oregon Anesthesiologist convicted of molesting patients; hospital sued in civil court, pays 3 victims $2.4 million

Frederick Field — Mid-Columbia Medical Center

July, 2011 — Oregon

California anesthesiologist convicted of sexually assaulting 2 patients under anesthesia

Yashwant B. Giri — Placentia-Linda Medical Center

May, 2011 — California

Oregon anesthesiologist rapes woman, sentenced to 25 years in prison

Thomas Bray — Anesthesiologist and Instructor at Clackamas Community College

February, 2011 — Oregon

Canadian anesthesiologist convicted of molesting 29 women

George Doodnaught — New York General Hospital

March, 2010 — Toronto, Canada

Rhode Island anesthesiologist has license revoked for accusations of sexual assault, providing unnecessary drugs for treatment

Russell J. Aubin — Kent Hospital

2010 — Rhode Island

Georgia anesthesiologist gets life in prison for raping and videotaping patients

Paul Patrick Serdula — Wellstar health system - Cobb hospital

November, 2009 — Georgia