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We are trial lawyers. Greg Kafoury & Mark McDougal of Kafoury & McDougal have tried more than 250 jury trials, including cases in Hawaii, Washington, Alabama, Arkansas, and the District of Columbia. Our lawyers have maintained class actions against Oregon’s largest utilities. We have established key legal precedents in the appellate courts, and have provided free legal services in First Amendment, civil rights, and activist cases. We only represent people, never corporations or insurance companies. Those who believe they have been wronged can consult us without charge.

Medical sex abuse is a serious issue in this country, and the problem is perpetuated when the task of investigating these abuses is done by hospital administrators and not by trained police investigators. Administrators are bureaucrats whose interests are with the hospital. This website was created to show that sex abuse in the medical field is common, but help is readily available. This website offers resources for victims, and an avenue to seek legal consultation and representation.

There are many reasons why legal action is an important and necessary step in bringing those responsible for any medical sex abuse to justice. Hospitals and medical centers make enormous amounts of money; money is their bottom line. One of the only ways to ensure that a large company is protecting its employees and/or patients is to sue for large money awards and settlements. This will both punish the company for wrongdoing, and help to ensure that the company will take steps to protect their patients and employees in the future.

In 2009, our firm won a jury trial against American Medical Response (AMR). With over 19,000 employees and 4,200 vehicles, AMR is the largest private ambulance service in the country. A Multnomah county jury found AMR administrators negligent for ignoring multiple complaints about one of their ambulance drivers, Lanny Haszard, who had been sexually assaulting women in the back of an ambulance. We successfully defended out verdict in the Oregon Supreme Court against an appeal by the opposing side. We recovered $5 million in that case, and settled many more similar cases against AMR.

In 2013, our firm won $2.4 million in a jury trial against Mid-Columbia Medical Center (MCMC) in the Dalles, Oregon. MCMC was found negligent for covering up evidence and ignoring multiple complaints against one of the hospitals anesthesiologists, Fred Field, who had been sexually assaulting women during surgeries. Our firm still has cases pending for multiple clients against MCMC.

Our firm has also handled other medical sex abuse cases in Oregon, California and Missouri.

If we believe that your cause is just, we will do what it takes to get justice for you. Unlike many lawyers – especially those who advertise for injury cases – if the other side refuses to negotiate in good faith, we will take your case to trial to enforce your rights, whether it is a large case or a small one. We are lawyers for the people.