Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Palm Beach Doctor Arrested for Sexual Assault of Patient

Dr Manuel Abreu, 45 of Palm Beach, Florida has been arrested and charged with sexual assault after being accused of inappropriately touching a patient. His bond was originally set at $500,000, but has been reduced to $350,000.

Manuel Abreu

Manuel Abreu

Seven women, four in Palm Beach County and three in Pinellas County, have filed civil lawsuits against Dr. Abreu. Four of the women, including the victim in the criminal case, said Abreu assaulted them at Personal Physician Care in Delray Beach.

Adam Horowitz, the attorney representing the seven women, said the practice knew about the sexual assault allegations since 2012 but kept Abreu as a doctor through June 2014.

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Palm Beach Post 3/18/2015 – 3/23/2015