Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Former UC Berkeley Doctor Gets Probation For Sexual Misconduct

Robert Kevess, a former campus doctor at UC Berkeley was sentenced to five years probation for sexual contact with male students during visits to the health center. While Kevess’ attorney tried to assert the sexual contact was consensual, prosecutor Chris Infante said patients did not realize what was happening because Kevess posed the sexual contact as medical treatment.

Robert Kevess UC Berkeley

Kevess was previously sued by the family of Elgin Stanford, a former patient. They believe sexual molestation by Kevess led Stanford to commit suicide.

In February, Kevess pleaded no contest to five felony counts under the business and professions code for sexual conduct by a medical professional. The convictions were related to four male students between the age 20 and mid-thirds seen between 2005 and 2011. Charges relating to Elgin Stanford were dismissed after his death in 2012.



San Jose Mercury News – 4/17/2015