Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Doctor Over-Prescribed Narcotics, Assaulted Addicted Patients

Jay J. Cho, 70, of Hampden Township, PA, was arrested on charges including rape, aggravated indecent assault, drug delivery by a practitioner, criminal use of a communication facility, indecent assault, possession of a controlled substance and harassment in connection with incidents involving 12 different women.

Jay Cho Pennsylvania Sexual Assault

Jay J. Cho

The Cumberland County Drug Task Force received complaints for that Cho would freely distribute prescriptions for controlled substances with little medical reason.

Reports also began to come in alleging that Cho sexually assaulted his female patients. An affidavit of probable cause showed “numerous and repeated examples” of misbehavior, that Cho would over-prescribe patients strong narcotics until dependencies were formed. Then, Cho would use the women’s drug addictions as leverage for sexual assaults.

The women in the case told investigators they were afraid the doctor would cut them off from the narcotics to which they became addicted if they rejected his advances.

Cho appeared in court on February 20 for a preliminary hearing.

Cumberland County officials have urged the victims in the case to take advantage of substance abuse treatment programs offered in the area.

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