Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Utah chiropractor charged with sexual assault on patient

Michael W. Wimmer, a chiropractor at Wimmer Chiropractic Center in Ogden, Utah, was arrested and charged with second degree forcible sexual abuse for groping one of his female patients. A police investigation later determined that the Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL) had 7 prior complaints of  sexual abuse by Wimmer, but none were as egregious as what he has since been charged with.

Wimmer was charged with second-degree felony forcible sexual assault stemming from an incident in June when he allegedly groped the woman’s breast and buttocks during an appointment at his chiropractic office.

Utah Chiropractor Michael Wimmer charged with sexual assault of client

DOPL records show that Wimmer had pleaded “no contest” in November 1994  to a lewdness misdemeanor involving a patient. Wimmer’s license was revoked in October 2006 when it was discovered he acted inappropriately with another female patient. The DOPL reinstated Wimmer’s license after he underwent 3 years of probation. One of the terms of Wimmer’s probation was that he undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation. In October 2009, having met the probationary terms, his license was formally reinstated.

Because of the number of previous incidents and allegations, detectives are concerned there could be more potential victims. Anyone who may have been sexually abused by this chiropractor or have any further information should call Ogden detectives at 801-395-8221.


The Salt Lake Tribune – Bob Mims 10/10/2014