Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

Surgeon Pays Off Families to Continue Molestation of Boys

Houston orthopedic surgeon, Bernard Albina, was sentenced to ten years after pleading guilty for possession of large amounts of child pornography (10 videos and over 300 photos). Albina took pictures of the young boys he brought to his office and then paid their parents, many of whom were patients of his, sums totaling over $250,000 to, not only keep quiet about his misconduct, but to also continue his access to the boys. Two families were even allowed to live in houses Albina owned as part of the deal. Although he was initially charged with both molestation and possession of child porn, Albina only plead guilty to the possession charges.


KHOU — 10/26/2009
The Houston Press — John Nova Lomax 11/28/2012