Medical Sex Abuse

Breaking the Silence

You Are Not Alone

This website is a resource for people who have been victims of medical sex abuse, their family members, or others who have information about sex abuse in the medical field. Many victims refuse to come forward due to fear or repression of abusive incidents. Not coming forward allows sexual predators to continue abusing others; we offer hope for those who seek assistance, those who seek justice.

You are not alone. This website includes news stories from all over the country, categorized by specific medical fields, to show the vast number of incidents of sex abuse by medical professionals. Medical sex abuse is a serious problem in our country, a problem that persists due to the ease at which medical professionals can manipulate the system to abuse patients, and the negligence of hospital administrators in failing to seriously investigate accusations of abuse. Patient safety is all to often not their main concern. Coming forward and breaking the silence is the most crucial step in stopping those medical professionals who violate a patient’s rights and trust.

This site offers resources from every state to help victims and family members get professional support for victims of sex abuse. The legal rights section summarizes the complexities of the legal system with regard to medical sex abuse in layman’s terms for the everyday person. Please contact us if you have any questions, or if you wish to speak confidentially to a lawyer about your situation. To speak with a lawyer, please call 888-454-7165 or email to You can also use this website to report an incidence of medical sex abuse under the ‘Contact Us’ form, where you can fill out a new incident report, and we will contact the necessary law enforcement or investigatory agency. Your information will not be shared with any other agency or law firm without your approval.